Welcome to Devotion

A gathering to unlock your heart and free your soul.

Why Devotion?

We bring together seekers of spiritual healing, love, and connection to unlock the power of their hearts and embrace their magical gifts, so that we can inspire profound transformations and create a space for healing and growth within a nourishing community.

This experience is for you if you desire depth in healing, connection, and any of the following:

  • Cultivating a profound sense of love and trust within yourself to move through life grounded and aligned
  • Awakening and opening more fully into your soul gifts
  • Owning, honoring, and harnessing your power
  • Creating a new pattern for your nervous system that's grounded in safety so you respond to people and situations vs reacting out of old wounds, pain, or trauma
  • Deepening into your innate wisdom and inner guidance system
  • Learning how to decipher your ego from your spirit
  • Gaining deeper connections and fostering meaningful friendships
  • Speaking your truth and honoring your boundaries
  • Feeling the fears or limitations that hold you back from expressing your true self and transmuting them into love so you can move forward

  • Enhancing your experience in partnership while clearing beliefs or mental programs that stop you from fully receiving love
  • Becoming the energetic match for the highest reflection of your heart in romantic love
  • Developing intimacy, deep connection, and communication skills you can infuse into the partnership you have with yourself and others
  • Experiencing magic in your physical reality by healing your internal world
  • Learning to navigate fears, blocks, limiting beliefs, and stuck states when things are hard with powerful tools and techniques so you become the medicine you seek
  • Honing your emotional intelligence so the relationships in your life flourish
  • Shifting your emotional vibrational frequency when you're in heavier states of consciousness (shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, etc.)
  • Fully trusting the timing of the divine rather than clutching to pressure, self-doubt, overwhelm, the pain of the past, or living in the anxious future

About Devotion

Devotion is a year-long program which offers: 
  • Weekly healing classes to support your transformation
  • Weekly journal prompts for self-reflection and subconscious healing
  • Weekly questions to deepen your connection to yourself, your intuition, and to those in our community
  • A monthly Q&A Coaching Session to support and expand you
  • Guest expert masterclasses featuring topics focused on: 
    • Healing your hormones and libido
    • Living in alignment with your Human Design
    • Conversations with Chiron: Wisdom from the Wounded Healer
    • Creating a nourished lifestyle for your mind, body, and soul
    • Grief healing and how to hold space for others
    • Channeling your spirit guides
    • Healing the mother wound
    • Soul Retrieval process with oracle or tarot cards
    • Cultivating the gifts in your unique Human Design energy centers
    • Breathwork healing experience, and more
  • Meditations, hypnosis, and subliminal tracks that support you in rewiring your brain, healing your wounds at the root level, and raising your energetic frequency (so you're a match for more love, magic, miracles, and opportunities!):
    • Inner Child Healing hypnosis (528 Hz)
    • Radiate Confidence subliminal (741 Hz)
    • Subconscious Fear Release tool (200 Hz)
    • Connect to Your Future hypnosis (666 Hz)
    • Opening to Receive subliminal (Unity Mind frequency)
    • Heal the Witch Wound subliminal (852 Hz) 
    • Ground Your Energy with Gaia meditation (432 Hz)
    • Your Healing Waterfall meditation
    • Integrate Your Feminine Energy hypnosis (963 Hz)
    • Heart Code Activation meditation
    • Self-Hypnosis for Change (963 Hz)
  • As well as: tools and techniques, affirmations, oracle card messages to support the unfolding of your path, and other gestures of love to support your sacred journey to wholeness and complete self-acceptance. 

Our time together is focused on learning to love and cherish your heart, to be devoted to the sacred self as well as the exploration of your divine gifts in a safe, supportive, and loving community.

In essence, Devotion gifts you the golden key to unlocking the gateway to your soul.

Any reason we shouldn't work together?
  • You're unwilling to experiment or be open-minded

  • You're unwilling to walk into your shadows, wounds, triggers, or the pain from your past in order to heal and move forward

  • You would rather work one-on-one with me than lead yourself through this program

  • You do not recognize me as a correct guide for you

Meet your guide

In 2017, Ashley Mondor experienced what the spiritual community refers to as The Dark Night of the Soul.

Plunged to the depths of pain and feeling completely lost, Ashley navigated an extremely toxic job while carrying the shattered pieces of her heart from betrayal in her romantic relationship, and holding the weight of responsibility she felt as a support system for her family who struggled with abuse and depression. 

Ashley sought out healers and mentors who could illuminate the pathway to her purpose which ultimately guided her to creating a business focused on helping humans heal their hearts while connecting them back to their souls.

In January 2021, she made the leap into running her business full-time as a Heart Healer, Master Life + Mindset Coach, Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, and Master Usui Reiki Practitioner.

As a spirited repairer of broken hearts and a seeker of lost souls, Ashley works with her clients to help them repair deep cuts, longstanding wounds from this life and others, and she specializes in freeing hearts from the chains that bind them in pain, suffering, and fear.

She believes that when you heal your heart, you free your soul, and this is how we make the world a better, brighter, more loving place for all.

A little love :)

House rules

No refunds of any kind - and here's why; when you honor your word and your commitments, you shift on a subconscious level. Your identity changes. You keep your promises. You become more confident and you radiate that out into the world. When you're confident in you - PROFOUND magic happens.

Our community expects respectful, kind, and open-hearted communication based on our human-ness and we offer the same in return.

I promise to deliver you source-based content aimed at helping you self-study your way to full integration and self-acceptance.


Ashley Mondor is not a licensed medical or naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, therapist, psychologist, psychotherapist, or licensed healthcare provider or practitioner of any kind. Ashley Mondor does not provide medical advice or treatment of any kind, nor does she provide medical diagnosis. Ashley Mondor gifts tools, teaches from her own wisdom, and shares content she's found helpful to heal her heart, shift her mindset and energy, and transform pain to love and freedom.